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Elixir Beauty Institute

With customized facial rituals and anti-aging professional treatments that offer a high-performance hydrating care, prevent the most visible signs of aging and giving the skin a second youth, Elixir Beauty has been providing its exclusive clients with a personalized experience for the last ten years in Nisantasi, the heart of Istanbul.

The exceptional feature of Elixir Beauty is the uniqueness of its customized treatments. While it is mostly applied through lazer, botox and filling in the other spa and clinics, less emphasis is given to rituals. The reason why Elixir Beauty distinguishes from all the others lies down in its own iconic treatments that combine expertise, product performance and solution-based personalized care.

All the treatments are applied by Ilkfer Catak, the founder of Elixir Beauty. She completed he most well-known aesthetician program, LCC, with a top score in 2001. She has been one of the leading aestheticians in the field since then. She was driven by a passion for finding the most effective solutions with the selection of products that offer instant and lasting results of unparalleled quality. She strives to open the door to an ultimate dream designed with a boutique concept; Elixir Beauty Institute.


What can we do for you ?

elixir Enstitü No matter what your age is, your skin needs special care. It is the biggest organ in our body. All the Professional treatments and products in Elixir Beauty has long-lasting effects with most effective active ingredients.

A professional facial treatment takes time. You feel relaxed and reinvigorated thanks to the products’ pure ingredients, exceptional formulas and concentrations referring to the experts who believe in ‘To Look Good To Feel Good’ idea.

The secret to a beautiful, healthy skin is to use the right products in the right way. Trough unique and exclusive protocols at Elixir Beauty, we assure that you have proven results with the use of one or few products.



Our vision as Elixir Beauty Institute is to design facial rituals that combine cutting-edge scientific expertise with exceptional all-in-one products.

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